GT1 International, Ltd. welcomes all potential suppliers.   We work directly with small to medium sized factories around the world.  Because we believe in unique and special products for our customers, we do not buy in bulk for our brands.  Meaning, we partner with suppliers that offer high quality products from every category that are produced from a one person shop to a medium sized factory.    All products are tested by GT1 International, Ltd. before being offered to our consumers.


1.Compliance with Laws

Suppliers and their designated facilities for the purpose of manufacturing must fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to those related to environment, health, safety, labor and immigration.

2. Voluntary Labor

Forced labor, child labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or  prison labor will not be tolerated.   All labor must be voluntary only.   Workers must not be deprived from maintaining their identity documents.    Workers must be provided with rest days and ensured working hours that are not excessive but are consistent with local regulations.

3. Employment Practices

Suppliers are responsible for proper hiring practices that verify workers’ legal rights and age to work in that country prior to employment.   All conditions and terms of employment but not limited to hiring, pay, promotion, termination and retirement must be based on the individual’s willingness and ability to do the job.

4. Compensation to Workers

Suppliers are encouraged to provide workers with wages and benefits that meet workers basic needs.   Suppliers must compensate all their workers with proper wages, benefits and overtime wages that meet the local legal standards of their industry.

5. Environment, Safety and Health

Workers safety is very important, therefore suppliers must provide workers with a healthy and safe work environment.   Suppliers must ensure that their manufacturing facility/ies comply with local and national environmental laws, including all laws related to water discharge, toxic substances, hazardous waste disposal, air emissions and must be able to validate that all components and materials were obtained form permissible sources that are active with local laws and regulations as well as international treaties and protocols.

6. Conflict of Interest

Suppliers must not enter into transactions with similar brands, services and in the same market industry as GT1 International’s that may create a conflict of interest.

7. Entertainment, Gifts and Anti-Corruption

Suppliers must not offer gifts or provide entertainment to GT1 International associates and must not allow, tolerate, permit, engage in unethical practices, engage in bribery or corruption when dealing with private individuals or public officials in the private sector.

8. Financial Responsibility

Suppliers are responsible for keeping and maintaining  accurate records of all matters related to their business with GT1 International, Ltd..

Reporting Violations to Us

If you have witnessed or experienced a violation of GT1 International’s Supplier Standard, you are encouraged to confidentially report the issues to us.

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