Strategic Consulting – Customized and detailed plans for your current business, offline and online goals.

Business Planning – Traditional structure for your business venture.

Brand Development – From an idea to logo creation to giving your brand a life.

Project Managment – Organization and structure of your projects, hands on.

Corporate Gift Baskets – Increase company sales with generous gift baskets for your customers, clients, potential customers and/or employees.  We do all the work for you, we want you to be memorable and succeed, we put together beautiful gift baskets with high-quality products.

Marketing – Creative, cutting-edge and unique solutions to promote your products.

Advertising – In charge of bringing your product to the public.

Graphic & Logo Design – Creative visuals and graphics that identify your brand.

Overseas Manufacturing Representation – We handle relations with overseas factories.

Photography – We are spontaneous, we capture the organic essence of the moment without any production.

Web Design & Management – Custom site design for you or your business from ideas to the world wide web.

Fashion Styling – We are your personal shoppers and stylist for any situation or event.

Spanish – Your Spanish speaking project partner or your secret weapon to keep you informed.

Social Media Management – We handle your day to day social content.

Film & Music – We broker your talent projects, we have relations with industry professionals, musicians & leaders.

Estate Sales – We handle your estate’s goods and generate profits, we liquidate, manage the sale and sell your goods.

Interior Design & Decorating – We specialize in antique, rustic, bohemian, Rococo, vintage, Spanish revival and renaissance interior decorations.

Booking Agent & Event Coordinator – We create and manage your events from beginning to end (venue, food, music, etc.).

Location Agent Management – We have stunning and unique properties we rent for film, tv, print and music project.  We handle the process for the property owners.

Real Estate – We buy, manage and sell both land, residential and commercial real estate properties

Retail Management – We train your staff with outstanding customer service skills and how to handle all customer situations.  We also set up shop for success.

Need creative ideas or assistance with your project?

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Our web design services begin with a digital strategy that blossoms into complete solutions which include understanding the client’s needs, creativity, technology, and marketing.  In addition, we offer several services ranging from e-commerce, marketing services, graphic design, business planning, logo designing, brand development, to website maintenance.


If you have a vision and idea that you would like to realize, whether it’s the development of a brand, advice on how to approach your goals or the redesigning of your website, we are on your team.    Offering cutting-edge solutions and on-time project completion, client’s satisfaction is our main goal.    How may we assist you?


What is a  Web Designer?    A web designer can be referred to as an individual who is part artist/writer and computer expert.   Thus, not a programmer, many designers have web programming skills and implement their own creativity.  A web designer creates web pages and tends to be excellent in working with graphics software.

What is a Website?   A website is a space on a computing device where anyone can visit 24 hours a day and view electronic brochures that contain pages and a collection of digital images, videos, and content.

What does www mean?   www, stands for World Wide Web.

Popular Terms   

Domain Name: The name that identifies a web site.

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language, The language of the web.

Web Host: A web server that provides website space to individuals or company.

Web Server: A computer that provides services and delivers information to other computers.

What does a website do?    Having a website is an excellent advertising tool to have whether an individual, organization/business (regardless of the size), it’s an electronic brochure, think of it as your internet business card to the world.  It allows people to find you on the internet, creates awareness that you exist, establishes credibility and presents your information, your image, and products to the internet.

How long does it take to create my website?   After all the required materials are provided for the site to the designer, it usually takes 3-4 weeks for a simple informative site.  Some sites are more detailed than others, in that case, more time will be required.

Can my existing website be improved?    Absolutely.  We can always redesign your current website.

Do you use website templates?    Yes, we can, at the client’s request, however, we strive to highly personalize and customize the templates.  And at times we design our own templates to create a unique and special feel to our custom sites.   In either case, we cater to our client’s specific want and needs.

Do you create your own graphics for every site?   Yes, we can.   Every client is different and requires a special touch in order to successfully be different amongst the crowd.

How does the designer come up with creative ideas for a site?   Keep in mind Web Designers are artists with expert computer skills.  We study our client’s needs and organize all their provided materials (photos, images, content, etc.), we then begin the creative process.  During the creative process, undivided attention is given to the project.   We go from an idea to an image, to visuals, to creation and then to publish the site.  The magic is created between the designer and the computer.

Is it important to update information on my website?    Yes, it is.  Absolutely important.  You want to make sure your site is current with up to date information.  Keeping your content fresh is critical, not doing so, can reflect poorly on your site’s reputation.

What is “website maintenance”?    Website maintenance is when changes are made to your site after it has been designed.   Many clients are thrilled to finally have a website but often forget that a website must be updated and maintained.  Updating and adding up to date information is essential to your site.  If you already have a website that needs maintenance, we offer that service hourly, weekly or monthly, Contact us in order to draft the proper maintenance contract for you.

What’s involved in “website maintenance”?     We provide technical expertise, configurations, and updating, making sure your the pages in your site are operating smoothly. Some sites need more updating than others, every site is different.  When we maintain a website, we make sure all the information, content, and graphics are up to date.  We make sure the site is running properly and that changes are made if requested by the client by adding or deleting content (news, updates, links, etc.)

Can I do my own “website maintenance”?    Sure, you can.  As long as you have the time, technical knowledge and experienced skills to do so.  Many times clients feel they can maintain their own sites without any problems.  Easier said than done, our service is to bring a finished product to our clients, only another designer can understand the amount of work, time, creative effort and complexity involved in designing a site.  Therefore, clients usually return, requesting the maintenance service they need because they often realize that they don’t have the time to reinvent the wheel.  And what happens after that, is that we spend more time in repairing the work which equates to more expenses for the client.  Repairing a website can be costly, higher rates will apply due to the amount of work involved.

What’s involved in establishing a website? 

– A Domain Name

– A Hosting Service

– A Web Designer

– Maintenance


Do I have any responsibilities as a client?    Yes, you do.  We work as a team towards the same goal.   Clients are responsible for providing all materials to designer, content, photos, images, logos, marks, text, documents, information, details, etc. at a timely manner, otherwise, the website will not be completed in time.   We also appreciate when clients express what they like and don’t like and give us feedback.



  1. Business tip, make sure you have your business plan ready to go, a website is only part of your marketing plan.
  2. Get creative, create the best name that identifies with and describes what you do.
  3. Do not share your strategy with anyone, till you have something set in stone that will commit you to your venture, some people close to you are ready to snatch your dreams, plans, and goals, trust no one till you have accomplished this 1st step.  You can trust us of course, because we work for you and your best interests, and we keep everything confidential.
  4. Once you are 1000% confident in your name, purchase your domain immediately.  Purchase your domain for at least 2 years.  We highly recommend you purchase your domains from, we’ve been clients since 2005 and love them, they have excellent 24-hour customer service support, offer great products and have our backs, they always go the extra mile to help out.  Yearly domain names should cost no more than $16 per year to register.
  5. When you are ready to move forward with your online presence, get a hosting plan that fits your needs.  Again, we highly recommend you purchase your domains and hosting plans from, they are your one stop shop with excellent customer service.
  6. Once you have your domain, your hosting in place and your content is ready to go, the fun visual creation process begins.  You will be given many options as to how/where to publish your content.  You will need a place to publish your website, we highly recommend Wordpress because it’s excellent, it’s provided for free with your hosting plan, it’s an open source content management platform made by the people for the people, most fortune 500 companies, journalists, public figures and celebrities use this platform, it’s a great place.   Thus, WordPress has a major learning curve that can take up to a year or more to master, it’s absolutely wonderful, they offer thousands of templates and pluggings for those who are not seeking to do their own work.
  7. If you prefer a custom website from scratch we highly recommend using page builder, it’s our favorite and what we use.  It’s an excellent modern and highly customizable builder, with endless web design capabilities to fit your needs, Themify offers excellent email customer support with tons of great youtube videos for knowledge.

FINAL NOTE:  Keep in mind starting a business venture that includes a brand, products and or services is a serious project that requires 100000% attention.  Marketing is a large percentage of your venture, a business plan, website, and critical tools to the success of your venture.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU REACH NEW HORIZONS.  Our services include the building of your business plans, brand, and marketing strategies, graphics, LOGO design, photography, web development/design and more.  Most importantly is that we have your back and here to walk you through every step of the way, this is what GT1 International is all about.  Our customer’s needs are our priority.

“Never abandon your passions or beliefs, for they are the ignition and power to your success.” CEO & Creative Director of GT1 International, Ltd. – Giselle Trujillo

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