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GT1 INTERNATIONAL is a media company that produces, shares and publishes content via print or digital outlets.  Our core concentration is in publishing, marketing, advertisement, fashion, product development, talent management, manufacturing, travel, branding, home decorations, focus groups and business consulting.  

If you have a business idea, a brand to develop, need web design and management, have unique and creative ideas you want to execute, need strategic planning, need marketing, need access to creative talents, need a serious project manager, we are what you seek.  A large part of our business is to develop and manage fashion and lifestyle brands.  Some of our brands include hand-crafted goods MADE IN USA, we also handle developments, management, and trading relations with overseas manufacturers for some of our brands and clients.   WE ARE PROUD AND CONFIDENT OF OUR BRANDS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES, AND AIM TO ALWAYS OFFER THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF SERVICE.


Founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Giselle Trujillo, CEO and Creative Director, headquartered in New York.  GT1 International Ltd. is a private boutique company that handles high-quality products, brands and individuals.  Our services include Digital Publication, Internet Services, Web Design, Marketing, Advertising, Management & Strategic Consulting.  The company’s portfolio includes the following in-house brands:  GT by Giselle Trujillo, We Are The World Project (WATWP) and GT1 Web Design.   GT1 International Ltd. stands for Getting There as One on an International level.


GT1 International Ltd.’s mission is to provide high-quality creative services through, study, integrity, pride, details, craftsmanship, flawless execution, and success.   We respect our work, our brands and clients, each project is custom handled and nurtured.


GT1 means Get There as number 1, meaning when we work together we stay together and work as one to meet our goals as one and to succeed as number 1 in everything we do.  We concentrate on quality, not quantity.  As a privately owned company, we have full control of our brands and services.  We choose not to saturate our brands and products.  We practice essential business principles, the essential tools that work and that have been forgotten due to mass marketed goods and the saturated competitive marketplace.

“We prefer to keep our focus on providing high-quality, creative and unique products supported by outstanding dedicated client services and care.  We protect our brands and goods by exclusively selling through our online portals.  Our customers do not have to worry about their purchased goods being replicated and saturated in the marketplace.  We want our customers to feel confident, special and happy when purchasing any of our products. Our goal is to be recognized as a company of high-quality goods and services.”



Giselle Trujillo


Giselle was born in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic grew up in both Dominican Republic,  New York, and New Jersey.   Giselle had an Entrepreneurial enlightenment at the early age of 15 while attending freshman year in boarding school in the Dominican Republic.  Far from her parents and in need of money to purchase articles in need, she motivated herself to rent and barter her Levi’s Jeans as well as other articles.   That is where her passion for business and trading began.  Giselle is Founder, CEO and Creative Director of all her three companies and is the founding partner of one other company.  Her vision as an entrepreneur and artist is to accomplish recognition for offering high-quality products services that are both unique and respected.

Upon her return to the states with entrepreneurship on her mind she shoveled snow for neighbors to make money, she sold knockoff perfumes, sold the Don Laprie reminder services and spent most of her earnings in fashion magazines and art supplies.   Giselle attended Paramus Catholic High School freshmen and sophomore years and graduated from Teaneck High School in New Jersey.   At that point, she realized that attending College was not in her plans.  Giselle joined the entertainment industry as an actor, booking commercials, voice-overs, print modeling and trained professionally as a belly dancer.  She attended one semester of College to please her parents and never went back.

When Giselle returned to the states she shoveled snow for neighbors, sold perfumes, sold reminder services and spent most of her earnings in fashion magazines and art supplies.   Giselle also attended Paramus Catholic High School and graduated from Teaneck High School in New Jersey.   At that point, she realized that attending College was not in her plans.  Giselle joined the entertainment industry as an actor, booking commercials, voice-overs, print modeling and trained professionally as a belly dancer.  She attended one semester of College to please her parents and never went back.

Giselle was determined to be part of the fashion industry and applied to Nordstrom’s Department store, in Paramus, N.J. where she worked in the stock room for the Women and Salon shoe departments during their Anniversary sale.   Three months later she was offered a cashier position and a year later promoted to head cashier and at times some sales.   Giselle looked up to Kerry (Salon Shoes Buyer)…“Working with Kerry was great, I always looked up to her and respected her so much for knowing shoes so well, she knew everything about every shoe, from construction to style, it was inspiring.  Almost every day, she held a meeting for the department and educated us on new brands, trends, styles and new shoes coming in.  Kerry knew I had problems finding cool shoes in my size, so after a while, she would tell me that she ordered one pair in my size, so, I would buy them.  And that is where my shoe collection started.  I love shoes!  I own hundreds of them and most of my collection came from Salon Shoes.   Kerry gave me great opportunities, she would call me to the back office to model shoes for vendors and she would have me assist designers during trunk shows.   Those opportunities were precious to me, for they allowed to meet and personally work with well-known designers such as  Massimo Ferragamo, Andrea Pfister, Donald J. Pliner, D’Rossana and Steve Madden whom I would chit chat within the stock room when he came by the store when I was working in the stock room.  I made some wonderful connections with industry leaders, but more importantly, I gained an intensive amount of knowledge about the footwear industry in less than 4 years”, Giselle said.  “Working for Nordstrom, taught me so much, it was more than a job for me, it was my school and the beginning of my training grounds.”

After Nordstrom, Giselle entertains learning about the hotel industry and works for Marriott Hotels for over 5 years.  While working at the Glenpointe Marriott, Giselle was operating a small part-time business, selling hand-painted wooden picture frames and ceramics she painted herself, as well as professionally belly dancing with a troop and going on acting/modeling auditions.  She sold many of her pieces to her hotel guests without getting caught.   Giselle says, “Working for Marriott was also an amazing experience, It took my excellent customers skills to a higher level.  I made some great friends and met so many interesting characters along the way.  My upper management team was the best ever.  I also got to travel a lot and stay in high-end Marriott hotels with my associate discount.  The greatest lessons I learned were about corporate structure and operations.  I am 100% confident that if I purchased a hotel one day, I can run it very successfully.  I learned that providing a quality product and excellent customer service was the key.” During her last few months at the Marriott, she had met another young entrepreneur.  The two began a relationship and developing a business.    Soon after that and regardless of her professional and excellent work ethics, Giselle was asked to quit her job.  At 28, she was given an ultimatum by her father and decided to move out of her parent’s house and leap into the real world of struggles.   With just a few thousand dollars in the bank to pay her bills, the young Entrepreneurs started a very lucrative Ebay business, selling commercial and residential high-end fitness equipment.  The Ebay business required plenty of traveling, knowledge and physical labor.  Giselle’s responsibilities were dealing with sellers, closing the deals, shipping and packaging any products they sold.   The business was doing extremely well, but it was not what Giselle wanted for long.  The two partners decided to reinvest their capital in a fashion company with Giselle’s fashion experience and customer service skills.

Her partner told her, that she was a great artist and had an eye for fashion and asked if she could apply her talents to designing footwear, he would apply his marketing and advertising skills to the company.    And that is exactly what they did.   Giselle applied to Ars Sutoria in Milan, Italy and got accepted, received a scholarship from the 210 Footwear Foundation.  However, she decided not to go to Milan for 3 months and instead learned the business first hand and worked for her friend Danny Lakin (Vice President and Show Chairman for B&STA) whom she also looked up to since Nordstrom.   Giselle met Danny in the stock room of the “woman shoes” department during one of his visits with the buyers, he was the representative for Moda España Shoes.   Giselle shared her intentions and goals in the footwear industry and asked Danny to teach her anything about the industry.   At that time Danny was representing Sue Wong shoes, NaNa and Kimmel shoes, Giselle worked for Danny 3 to 4 times a weeks for about 2 months as his assistant in his showroom in the Fashion District of NYC.  She modeled samples, helped with inventory and around the office. “I learned a lot by working with Danny,  he was a friend and still a mentor for me who also warned me about the difficulties of the footwear industry”.


Giselle was a partner, face of the company, the footwear, and accessories designer, sales representative and supply chain manager for 1AM Fashions, Ltd.   She quickly learned everything the footwear industry had to offer.   The two partners had luckily funded their own projects, created, developed and managed the BILLIE-JEAN brand.  Her daily operations consisted of designing ladies fashion footwear and accessories, sourcing and dealing with overseas factories in China, India, Turkey, and Brazil.  “The supply management stages were very demanding and time-consuming, we would work from 10 pm till about 5 am New York time, in order to do business with China and India, wake up around 9 am in order to set up meetings with potential buyers.  Our schedules were very crazy.   If I wasn’t on the phone calling every shoe store in America, I was driving to meet with buyers, model my shoes and try to sell them.   If I had no meetings with buyers, no trade shows to attend, we would play golf, go to the movies in the middle of the day and really enjoy the pleasant benefits being an entrepreneur offered.”   “After a few years of intense work, we did some business with a factory that would change our path, we almost lost everything we worked so hard for during a major production for Nordstrom, all we had left was our brand and our experience.”   Months after that, the two partners decided to go their separate ways for personal reasons.

From 2006 to 2008, Giselle took a break from everything and agreed to help her father in his office as an Attorney’s assistant.  Giselle says “I gave my job 100% when I worked even-though I spent most of the time traveling.  Sitting behind a desk in an industry that does not appeal to me and working for my father, was not the goal I had in mind.  In 2007, I began planning for my new business venture, which I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me.”  In July 2008, Giselle Incorporated GT1 International, Ltd. and strategizes new ways to implement all her talents and experiences to the online world.  Late 2008, Giselle quits working for her father and in 2009 GT1 International, Ltd. is launched and joins the online world offering fresh new brands.   Giselle mentions, “At the end of the day all I can offer is my skills and quality products.  I’m in a great position in my life where I can really enjoy everything I do.   I have been fortunate enough to work from home office and studio where I am able to concentrate and nurture Gt1 International, Ltd. 1000%.”  “I love my company and have great plans for it.  My ultimate goal is for GT1 International, Ltd. to gain a solid reputation as a company that offers unique brands, quality products with outstanding customer service.  That to me is most important and those are the same values I’ve been learning about since my boarding school days.  So many years have gone by, but quality and service always survive.   I’ve realized, that you can have the greatest product in the world, but if for some reason your service fails,  customers will think twice to buy that product and that is a dangerous position to be in these days, with so much competition….”  “With that in mind, I operate GT1 International, Ltd..”

Giselle Trujillo remains true to her passions for the arts, fashion, entertainment, business, history, writing, traveling, singing, photography, learning and sharing.  Giselle is the sole designer, talent manager, crafter, photographer, writer, graphic artist, content manager, web designer and manager of all her brands, with the exceptions of noted freelance writers she invites at times for her digital publications.  Giselle Trujillo’s motto for over 20 years has been “Life Is Wonderful!.”

Giselle’s Other Companies & Brands:

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Giselle Trujillo Haute Couture label is a lifestyle fashion and home products brand, it’s classic, bohemian, royal, opulent, crafting only a few pieces at a time, products are custom as per order inquiry and is handcrafted of high quality craftsmanship and every piece is hand-signed and crafted by Giselle Trujillo herself (Founder, Owner, Creative Director, Designer, Manufacturer).

GT by Giselle Trujillo Fun lifestyle fashion and home brand hand crafted high quality products, very colorful modern and edgy by Giselle or outsourced (Founder, Owner, Creative Director, Designer, Manufacturer).

Life Is Wonderful Online digital magazine publication (Founder, Owner, Creative Director, Editor-In-Chief, Writer).

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